2019 ff

Exploring new Continents… ongoing… (Beech wood, 2001)

On the road with wood, Performances, 1982 et seq.

2014 ff

Studio in Schlosswil, Berne, Switzerland


Publication *Momentum*, Kunsthalle Wiesbaden, Germany 


Art Exhibition Trubschachen, Switzerland, In- and Outdoors

2012 ff

Wood and Charcoal Wood is in the center of my artistical research – therefore fire and charcoal are an obvious subject

"Downtown Inferno", Limetree, 1999

„Caran d’Ache“, Boxes of coloring pencils, Raiffeisenbank Kiesental, 2013


Work Stay in Genua Projects and Exhibition around number Pi = 3.14159265359….

Pi – from the left and backwards – Page 24 (Decimal places 42‘781 to 44‘640)

Pi – From the left and backwards – Page 23  (Decimal places 40‘921 to 42‘780)


Publication *Forstrevier 3*   Kunstraum Dornbirn, Austria 


Work Stay in Beijing, China Publication "Have a Seat, please":Observations at Beijing Construction Sites: Installations and Interventions at Platform China, 798 Project Space, Dashanzi Art District, Beijing

                                 „eleven chairs“, Beijing, 2006


Show of the Body of Work – Château Kiesen, CH-Kiesen Monographical Publication: Book: *Working with Wood* 


Publication *50 Miniatures* small objects carried out with the chain saw

„still connected“, Limetree, 2004


Publication of *Travel Diary* 


First Lettering-Imagery in the open

„Letters from Afar“, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, 2001

2001 / 2002

Exhibitions and Land Art Projects in Australia, South Africa and Japan


Prix Fems – Grant by the Edouard & Maurice Sandoz Foundation, CH-Lausanne

1999 / 2000

On the Road – Land Art projects and Exhibitions in Canada and the USA

„opened Lodgepole-Pines“, Okanagen Mountain,Canada, 2000


First large Tree Trunk Archives

„Site of Crime Grauholz – Opening up the Archives“, Sculpture Trail Grauholz, 1998

Sketch for the Tree Trunk Archive, 1998


First large spheres

Alder-Spheres, CH-Schangnau, 1996

1995 ff

Blood-red (Ferritin 3.0 / Hemoglobin 7.0 – Remains on canvas)

Blood-red on canvas, 1995

1995 ff

lefthanded – the left hand is consciously and equally included in artistic expression – Separation of lettering and drawing is nullified

„with left“, 1996

1994 ff

All White – (New Beginnings)

„Breathing IV“, Canvas on plaster stone, 1994

1994 - 2015

Studio in Münsingen, Bern, Switzerland

1992 / 1993

Study Visit in New York (Art Students League / Manhatten Graphic Center)

Times Square, New York, 1992


Publication - Book “Portraying the Emmental” (Sketches and Woodcuts from the Emmental)

„Bookcover of “Portraying the Emmental”, 1991

1988 - 1992

Studio at the old spa hotel Rüttihubelbad, Walkringen, Switzerland Sketches and Drawings to the theme «the world is round» as well as enlarging perspective

Panorama View Sketch, Spa Hotel Rüttihubelbad, 1989

1987 ff

Landscapes, ambient conditions, sculptures, objects and interventions are equally incorporated within the present situation and the living moment and fleeing moments are photographically documented


Journey to India

1986 - 2000

Intermittently working as course instructor in further training for teachers and providers for creative holidays


First big tree trunk sculptures - outset of working with the chain saw

Work in Progress

1982 - 1988

Studio in Lützelflüh, Emmental Turning to woodcuts (including experiences in all other print techniques)

Fankhus, Thalgraben (Studio 1982-1988)I and the world, woodcut 1982


First journey to the US


Sketching replaces photography – all of the outdoors becomes my studio.

„Schybegütsch and Böli“,  Schönisey, Kemmeriboden-Bad, litographic chalk

1980 - 1985

School of Arts, Berne, Switzerland(various modules in graphic art design and as auto didactical sculptor)


First Exhibition


my own black and white photographic laboratory – experimental photography – photographic art designIndoor situations as well as landscapes are arranged and changed (first land art interventions)

Our Earth, photographic art design 1980„open landscape - closed door“, photographic art design 1980

1973 ff

Inspired and impressed by modern architecture and fascinated by the art of the surrealists like Dali, Magritte and M.C. Escher and especially by the drawings, woodcuts and etchings of Gustave Doré I dreamed to become an artist or architect myself.


Born and raised in Langnau (Emmental) and Konolfingen, Switzerland