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Wood in its manifold manifestation is the starting point for my objects, installations and interventions.

Always in the centre of the creative process is my grappling with the material, exploring its character and possibilities and also the area of conflict between chaos and order; to this end I break wood, split it, saw it, analysis it and eventually bring it into new arrangements and coherencies.

Artist Statement

Perceiving, observing, discovering, researching, developing, expanding and transforming – those are key words explaining my practice.

My main focus lies on transforming. In this process – where destruction and creation become as one – materials are collected and analysed, get bent, broken, split and cut to become new forms or are being arranged in a different context. Within this I am mainly interested in the area of conflict between chaos and order and that my work should always be a cooperation with the material at hand.

While I am interested in all materials, it’s wood in all its variations, conditions and forms I am most interested in. There is no inferior wood, just different starting points and possibilities to research.

As the material itself shapes a process, so does each location with its topography, its character and particularities as well as atmosphere, available tools and working conditions mould the final outcome.

A lot of the interventions, installation and objects are created at places where hardly anybody (or nobody at all), will ever see them. Some are just a short reflection of a moment. To communicate them nevertheless, the final work – and very often the creating process as well – are recorded photographically.

Dr. Gabrielle Obrist 2007 für das Lexikon des Schweizerischen Instituts für Kunstwissenschaft

Biografie / Werk und Werkwürdigung” (vollständiger Text im pdf-Format)